Look! One Direction’s Harry Styles Got A Brand-New Tattoo(s)! (PHOTOS)

Harry Styles got some new ink!

We know you're all like: "But why are we looking at a photo of One Direction's Harry Styles behind jail-like bars and NOT more GIFs of him juggling?" Fair question, but here's what you're missing! While the above image could just be a photo of Harry Styles chilling behind bars (guilty of being TOO good-looking, no doubt), we're here to confirm that it's actually Harry Styles about to get a brand-new tattoo! And the best part? He takes his shirt off halfway through. Kind of. (We're trying here, guys.) Also, One Direction with puppies! And One Direction as cats! And One Direction as a football team! There we go.

See more photos of Harry Styles' new tattoo after the jump.

This isn't Harry's first time getting inked -- the 1D heartthrob accidentally revealed his new tat while getting wet on the set of his "Live While We're Young" video, and now here he is at Mark Mahoney's famed Shamrock Social Club in West Hollywood getting stamped with two huge swallows on his chest plus a few stars on his arm. Oh, and hey -- let's all revel in the fact that HARRY TOOK OFF HIS SHIRT. AGAIN! Um, to gain better access to his chest and arm, of course. We'll (try to) look away now.

Photo credit: Splash News

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