Mac Miller Tells His Fans They Can Change The World Backstage At The Woodies + Watch His Performances

Mac Miller shares his love for his fans at the 2012 mtvU Woodie Awards.

Ask any Mac Miller fan what their favorite thing is about one of Allderice High's hottest MCs, and most of them will tell you that the dude does not front. You never need to wonder what's going on in Mac Miller's head: he'll always tell you. He's got a constant and genuine direct connection to his fans -- close to 2 million of them on Twitter, which he essentially uses as an unfiltered portal into his mind, which is a pretty positive place to be. And at the 2012 mtvU Woodie Awards, where he announced his Macadelic mixtape release date and won two Woodie Awards, Mac Miller had his fans on his mind, and he wasn't afraid to share his genuine gratitude for his fan base that's more like a mutual partnership than a passive audience.

"My fans are dope, man," Mac Miller said. I think the reason they go so hard for me and why they ride for me is because... I think they just see me as one of them. I never wanted to be put on a pedestal. I never wanted fans that look up to me... I always wanted it to be that we're just the same. That's kinda why I think they go so hard for me. When my album came out, I had fans tweeting me that they bought 10 of them. Now, why? Because they just care about me. And it's dope that my fans not only enjoy my music but they genuinely care about me," the "Frick Park Market" MC said.

Mac went on to share his personal and positive vision for his fans: "I think every person should look at themselves like, not to sound cheesy, but I think everything person should look at themselves like they have the ability to be the person that changes the world. I don't think people should think of themselves that they can't do something big. So my whole thing was just instilling that in my fans. I want them to understand that if everyone has the mentality that I'm gonna be the person the best of all time at what i do, it's gonna happen."

And if you think that's corny, well then you're probably not a Mac Miller fan.

+ Watch Mac Miller thank his fans for helping him win two Woodies at the 2012 mtvU Woodie Awards, and after the jump, watch him perform "Party on 5th Ave," plus unaired performances of "Donald Trump," "Loud" and "Smile Back," check out more Woodie Awards Festival performances, and get the list of Woodies winners.

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