Mass Effect 4 runs on Frostbite

BioWare confirms next entry in space RPG series will run on Battlefield tech, says game will be respectful of history, but also explore new story and gameplay fronts.


BioWare has opened up on the next entry in the Mass Effect series. BioWare Montreal studio director Yanick Roy explained in a blog post today that the next new Mass Effect game will run on the Frostbite game engine. This proprietary Electronic Arts technology has been used in a range franchises, including Battlefield, Need for Speed, and Medal of Honor.

With regards to the next Mass Effect, BioWare will take advantage of "many of the systems" that the Dragon Age III: Inquisition team has spent time developing for Frostbite. These were not named specifically.

Roy also said that while the new Mass Effect game will be "very respectful" of the franchise's history, BioWare is pursuing "new directions" for the series with regards to gameplay and story. BioWare had previously confirmed that Commander Shepard would not return.

"You can still expect the pillars the franchise is known for to be fully intact though, including diverse alien races, a huge galaxy to explore, and of course rich, cinematic storytelling," Roy said.

Roy did not share what stage of development the new Mass Effect game is in, but did say BioWare Montreal is planning to staff up over the course of the next year. The studio currently has 16 open positions posted to its website.

Gamers excited for more Mass Effect news may want to temper their eagerness. Roy said it is "probably going to be quite a while before you hear from us again."

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