Mattel Early Look – JLU 3-Pack Featuring Blue Beetle / Fire / Booster Gold

The quest for righteousness continues with this 3-pack based on the Justice League International Team. Complete your collection with these essential figures in distinctive Justice League Unlimited style, including the first-ever Ted Kord Blue Beetle and his best bud Booster Gold. Also comes with supermodel turned super hero Fire, in a fan-demanded repaint featuring the Brazilian beauty “fired up” with clear green skin!

The final JLU packs are winding down.  We’re in the home stretch with just 2 sets left after this one.  This month we get the Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Fire (Translucent) 3-pack.  This limited edition set has one new figure, one re-release and one, what might be considered a repaint.

Blue Beetle is the new figure in the 3-pack.  He has one of the standard bucks with a new head.  While the Ted Kord version of Blue Beetle never appeared on the JLU show he did make a few appearances in the Justice League Unlimited comic book and had an animated appearance on Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

The Booster Gold figure in the pack we have gotten before at the tail-end of the retail offering.  This is the corrected paint colors of the 2nd release not the copper and black colors of the first version.
The 3 pack is completed with the translucent version of Fire.  Fire was available previously in a 3-pack several years ago. Now she is updated, cast in translucent plastic in her fire mode.

Personally, I’ve been waiting on a Blue Beetle in this line for years.  I bought a custom one about 3 years ago as I didn’t think he’d be made in the line.  Today the custom gets rotated out and the real deal takes his rightful place in the line-up.

This set will be available 11/15 on for $30.

Here’s a look at what you will get when you order -


This sample provided by Mattel.

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