Mattel’s MOTUC Mekaneck

On sale September 17th on is the Sept Club Eternia MOTUC figure – Mekaneck.

Mechaneck, much like his original vintage counterpart is made up of a lot of parts we are already familiar with – He-man arms and legs, short, fury loin-cloth, and standard torso with the modern MOTUC twist of the clip-on armor piece.   No real surprises there, but he’s much loved vintage character so he was much needed and anxiously awaited in the Classics line.

Mattel has again found a work-around for not including the action-features incorporated as internal mechanisms and simply made additional pop on inserts for Mekanecks mechanical neck.  The 2 inserts are 2 different lengths. One is roughly 2″ and the other is 5″.   You simply pop off Meckanecks head, put it on one side of the insert and pop the other side onto the existing figure neck peg.  You can connect both the neck pieces together  to make one long neck exstension, but there will be a blue band/collar collar where the 2 pieces join.

Mekaneck comes with 2 neck pieces and an updated version of his club.

He is the September Club Eternia figure and will be on sale Sep.t 17th 2012.

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