Meat Dress, Who? It’s All About Lady Gaga’s Meat Couch Now, Guys (PHOTO)

Meat dress who? Meet Lady Gaga's meat couch.

There have been rumblings of a customized Lady Gaga meat couch for some time now, and guess what? IT LIVES. The fabled meat couch actually exists, guys! Ok fine -- so maybe there weren't actually rumblings of a customized Lady Gaga couch on the Little Monster online forum boards, but there totally should have been. Mother Monster is no stranger to weirding us out just a little bit more every day. In a good way.

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In recent months, Gaga has twice revamped her now-famous meat dress from the 2010 MTV VMAs with the "meat dress 2.0." We got a glimpse of one back in May of this year during Gaga's Born This Way Ball stopover in Tokyo, and just a few weeks ago in Amsterdam. And sure, Gaga's meat dress will always hold a special place in our hearts (still petitioning for it to be added to the Smithsonian, btw), we're all about the meat couch now, baby!

That's right, folks: During her "Born This Way Ball" tour stopover in Antwerp, Belgium, Gaga sat upon a couch made out of what must be stacks of filet Mignon and two tied filet roasts for arms. We think Gaga looks totes comfy on that couch -- sitting on a mound of fillet Mignon probably provides optimal back support! We wouldn't be surprised if it became a viable product in the American furniture marketplace. Someone get on that ASAP --  just make sure to allocate my five percent for giving you the idea. #Alwayshustling.

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