Meet Miley Cyrus’ New Dog, Penny Lane! (PHOTO)

Miley has added ANOTHER dog to her menagerie of pets! 

We don't even know where to start with this "Miley Cyrus got another dog!" post because "Miley Cyrus got another dog!" simply won't cut it. Rather, we're looking more at "Miley Cyrus is a canine queen and might want to consider switching her profession to 'dog lady.'" In case you'd forgotten (but how would that even be possible? It's all we talk about!), the newly 20-year-old's informal day job is owning dogs, and she's just added a new baby, Penny Lane, to her growing brood!

Not to worry -- we know Miley's a pop star who travels the world and hangs out in the studio with Pharrell and Tyler, The Creator and stuff, but when she's gone, Penny Lane will be in the constant company of this pup, and this pup, and this pup, and this pup, and this pup, and this pup, and this pup, and probably about 19 others we didn't mention. Miley was so thrilled about the new addition to her canine posse that she took to Twitter to share the news and shout out her favorite shelter: "I love Penny Lane ? #rescueislove @SpotRescueDogs." We've already lost count, but we think when Miley hits say, 22 dogs, it might be time to get them their own separate doghouse/mansion next door. Thoughts?

Photo credit: @mileycyrus

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