Metal Gear Rising dev building Wii U launch game

E3 2012: Platinum Games at work on single-player title for Nintendo's upcoming console; players control a range of heroes and must vanquish invading aliens.


LOS ANGELES--Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance studio Platinum Games is working on a Wii U launch game in development under the working title Project P-100, according to Nintendo's official website.

A single-player game, Project P-100 is set as Earth is under attack from an invasion of hulking aliens. To fight off the invaders, players take on the roles of a group of "unlikely" heroes, who have banded together to defeat the aliens.

Throughout Project P-100, gamers will traverse numerous stages, finding city-dwellers and recruiting them to join their hero army. The more heroes players gather to their army, the greater their Special Morph Powers will be.

Gamers will command their heroes through the Wii U's GamePad touch screen, where they can control characters like Bonzai Man, Vending Machine Man, and Toilet Bowl Man. For more on Project P-100, tune in to GameSpot's live stage show today beginning at 12 p.m. PDT.

On top of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Platinum Games is at work on Anarchy Reigns, which was recently delayed in North America. The Japanese studio also developed Bayonetta and MadWorld.

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