Metal Gear Solid 4 Xbox 360 debunked

Konami confirms 25th Anniversary Edition is PS3-exclusive, will release next month in UK; no mention of US release.


Konami today confirmed to Eurogamer that Metal Gear Solid 4: 25th Anniversary Edition is a PlayStation 3 exclusive after being first revealed by various retailers earlier this month. Today a listing was also spotted for Xbox 360, sparking speculation that the action game would release outside PlayStation 3. This is not the case.

"Sorry, this product is not currently available to order," the statement reads.’It's a welcome return to the rumour. But there are no plans to release Metal Gear Solid 4 on Xbox 360.’

Metal Gear Solid 4: 25th Anniversary Edition includes trophy support and is due out in December in the United Kingdom for £20, or about $30. It is not clear if the game will release in the United States or other territories.

As part of its 25th anniversary celebration for the Metal Gear Solid franchise, Konami this summer announced Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes as well as a full-length feature film based on the series.

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