Microsoft: Japan is a “soulful place” for games

Phil Spencer discusses why Microsoft is attending TGS 2013, says it is “important for us to always stay in touch” with Japan.


The Xbox One launches in November across 13 countries, but not Japan, so why is Microsoft attending the 2013 Tokyo Game Show this week? According to corporate vice president Phil Spencer, it’s because the company wants to stay in touch with the “soulful” region that has spawned so many iconic franchises.

“People ask why are we going to TGS. Obviously, Japan we’ve announced isn’t one of our launch territories. When I think about Japan and the history in video games, whether it’s just games that I grew up playing or even looking today games that are so important to our industry, I think going to Tokyo, going to TGS, meeting with the developers there, seeing what the gamers are playing, seeing what the creators are making, I think it’s just a very kind of soulful place for video games and something that’s important for us to always stay in touch with,” Spencer said during Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb’s latest podcast. “And going to TGS and seeing the excitement for new things and old things and the rebirth of things is just great.”

Another reason Microsoft is attending TGS 2013 is to meet with Japanese developers about the company’s new independent developer program, ID @ Xbox, Spencer said.

“I think it’s going to be really good to connect with the developers there; have great conversations about what could happen,” Spencer said.

The 2013 Tokyo Game Show takes place September 19-22. GameSpot will be in attendance at the event. Microsoft is bringing 30 games to the show, including eight playable Xbox One titles.

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