Miley Cyrus Shows Off Her Engagement Ring & It’s Flawless, FYI (PHOTO)

OMFG, Check out Miley Cyrus' engagement ring!

In case you don't live/ breathe /stalk Miley Cyrus like we do, you may have not heard that the "Party in the USA" singer is engaged, y'all! And while we've been basking right along with girl's "new fiancé'" glow (and enjoying picking out wedding dresses for her), we've been dying to see the real pièce de résistance: the engagement ring! Like, on her actual hand.

Miley, who's working on an "a very adult and sexy" new album (YAAAAY!) recently hopped off the plane in LAX with a dream and a... WOAH, a full-on view of her new STUNNING new ring. (I'm not just saying this because Miley are friends... in my mind. That ring is LEGIT. Also, if we're being technical, Miley hopped on a plane to go see Liam.) After this glimpse of this gem we're noddin' our head like "yeah!" in utter agreement that Liam Hemsworth is a total keeper for life. It is clear he did not go to Jared.

What? Oh THIS thing?

Photo credit:  Bruja, Pacific Coast News


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