MLG Columbus, IEM NYC will not feature League of Legends

Neither Major League Gaming's Columbus Championship nor Intel Extreme Masters New York City will feature League of Legends.


Major League Gaming’s "Championship Columbus" event taking place November 22-24 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center not feature League of Legends. The news comes shortly after the Intel Extreme Masters announced that League of Legends would also not be played professionally at their IEM New York event, citing its proximity to Riot Games' 2013 World Championships.

This will be the first MLG circuit event to not feature Riot Games' MOBA since its appearance on the 2012 circuit in Anaheim during June of that year. The last MLG event to feature League of Legends, the Major League Gaming Spring Championships, broke records, with 4.7 million unique viewers tuning into watch the event, in addition to the StarCraft II and Call of Duty tournaments.

MLG recently announced that Dota 2 will be present at the event, featuring $50,000 and several world class teams that competed at Valve's The International 3. Along with League of Legends' non-appearance, StarCraft II will also not be in Columbus for the first time since the game was introduced on the circuit in 2011.

MLG partnered in May with Turbine for their DC Comics MOBA Infinite Crisis, most recently holding a tournament at PAX Prime. Infinite Crisis is likely to make an appearance, while Treyarch's Call of Duty: Black Ops II is the second mainstage game announced for MLG Columbus.

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