Monogram International Proudly presents GOLD AVENGERS Resin Figure Paperweights SDCC Exclusive

Monogram International just sent us the news of their second SDCC 2012 exclusives:

Marvel’s AVENGERS heroes and Villains come to life in figural desk accessories – be the first to purchase these highly collectible SDCC 2012 Exclusive Resin Desk FIGURES!  Each gold plated resin sculpture features a Marvel hero or villain and a letter. When all pieces are assembled together they spell out A-V-E-N-G-E-R-S. Set comes in 8 Character Letter combinations and features: Captain America (A), Iron Man (V), Giant Man (E), Hawkeye (N), Hulk (G), Vision (E), Loki (R), and Thor (S). Collect one or all to show your spirit and love for Marvel Avengers. This whole set for only $150.


Each character in the set features a dynamic pose:

Captain America stands at the ready to defend Justice and America posed atop letter “A” base. Iron Man is posed to deliver a blast or power to save us from evil posed atop letter “V” base.  Vision stands hand outstretched ready for action posed atop letter “E” base.  Hawkeye takes aim with his trusty bow ready to shoot evil posed atop letter “N” base.   Hulk flexes his muscles ready to knock out evil-doers posed atop letter “G” base.  Giant Man is ready for action posed atop letter “E” base.  Loki stands arms crossed plotting to wreak havoc posed atop letter “R” base.  Thor with his Mjolnir ready to strike stands posed atop letter S base.

Use as paperweight or display on shelf.

Buy all – When all eight pieces are assembled together they spell out AVENGERS.

Highly collectable! Quantities are limited 50 sets are left. Get them as soon as you can! Don’t miss out on this awesome set!

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