MOTUC Castle Grayskull Update; Will Be ENORMOUS!

Mattel posted the following video demonstrating the scale of the proposed MOTUC Castle Grayskull as well as updating fans on the actual shipping costs.


CASTLE GRAYSKULL SHIPPING UDPATE: On Monday 10/16 at around 1pm we confirmed with our Design team that the best estimate of the shipping weight for Castle Grayskull is 20 lbs. For those of you who placed orders for Castle Grayskull before that time, our Customer Service team will contact you to update your order to the new, lower shipping weight. All orders placed after Monday 10/16 at 1pm are est
imated at the 20 lb. weight. Please remember that you won’t actually be charged until the product ships in 2013 should production go forward. If the final product weighs less than 20 lbs., we will refund the difference after the product has shipped. If the final weight is more than 20 lbs., you will NOT be charged more.

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