Movie-based games still viable – Activision

E3 2012: Company exec Eric Hirshberg says adapting Hollywood films is a "good business" to be in, but explains that the genre has shifted.


LOS ANGELES--Activision has not lost faith in movie-based games. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg explained that the company remains committed to investing in games based on Hollywood films.

"That's still happening, and we're still in that business, and we still think that's a good business, but it's really shifted," he said.

Hirshberg did not elaborate on the "shift" he was speaking about, but did call out the Transformers and Spider-Man franchises as examples of where Activision is succeeding with movie-based games.

"Now if there's an advantage to the character, the way that Transformers gives you tremendous creativity to play with in terms of what the characters can do as fighters and vehicles in one character," he said. "That's great for gaming, it's the same with Spider-Man."

The next movie-based game Activision will publish is 007 Legends, due out this October. That game features missions from past James Bond films, as well as those that take place during the upcoming 007 Skyfall film.

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