MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week: Rita Ora

Life's pretty good for Rita Ora. The effortlessly, endlessly soulful singer signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation as a teenager, and after two years of making records, she's more than ready for her own time in the spotlight. The musician, who was born in Kosovo and now lives in the U.K., is already a hit with the Brits with her chilling, Drake-penned No. 1 single, "R.I.P." And while you've got a day pass to your local beach this summer, the 21-year-old's going to be opening for Coldplay (best summer internship ever). Thanks, Uncle Hov.

"When I first got introduced to Jay, I was 18," she says, explaining how her demos turned Jay-Z and the Roc Nation crew into believers. "He's one of the most influential people in my life."

While her singles demonstrate her pop side (and willingness to party), the singer knows her hip-hop history: "How We Do (Party)" pays tribute to Notorious B.I.G.'s "Party and Bulls***" with its upbeat hooks. "I've been a huge hip-hop fan for a while," she says. "We wanted a summer party anthem… I thought, how can I take this hip-hop track and turn it into a 'me' song?" Ora definitely completed the transformation with style, and promises "a few surprises" on her upcoming debut album. Below, see how Rita Ora does in her "How We Do (Party)" video and watch live performances and exclusive interviews.

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Rita Ora Performs "How We Do (Party)" Live At S.O.B.'s In New York City

Rita Ora Performs "R.I.P." Live At S.O.B.'s In New York City

Rita Ora On Hip-Hop

Rita Ora On Roc Nation

Rita Ora On Her Upcoming Album

Rita Ora, "How We Do (Party)" Video

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