MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week: T. Mills

T. Mills (aka Travis Tatum Mills) started making music like any other millennial from SoCal might -- in his bedroom on his laptop. But T. was able to turn his little hobby into a real deal record contract in just about two years. "I made a Myspace page and I put some pictures up, and kids just started finding my page," Mills says about being discovered. But it's not like it just fell into this lap -- he worked hard for his fanbase. "I would literally spend eight to nine hours a day on my computer, adding kids and talking to my fans." After heading out on the road and scoring a coveted spot on 2009's Warped Tour, T. eventually inked a deal with Columbia in 2011. Boom. Time to get famous.

T.'s probably most known for his to-the-point track, "Vans On," which tactfully informs women that he will, when asked politely, "love" them with his Vans on (!!!). But there's much more to learn about the Cali rapper than his bedroom style. Check out our exclusive video interviews with Mills where he opens up about his Leaving Home EP, his unexpected fanbase and being the subject of various tattoo art: "It's just crazy to me that someone would want my name on their body for the rest of their life... And sometimes I'm like, 'Yo, when you get married, what's your husband gonna say?'" That's a ton of tat insight, especially coming from someone who has a "F*** The Haters" tattoo on his face. As for what fans can look forward to from T. on his upcoming debut album, Mills is moving on up. "I feel like every body of work I put out, it just keeps on improving... I try to take full advantage of the recording process and just improve. I feel like when you get comfortable that's when things kinda stay still." Damn. T. Mills should make e-cards.

+ Download a free copy of T. Mills' "Diemonds" (produced by The Monsters and The Strangerz) from his upcoming mixtape "Thrillionaire." Check out his video "Vans On" below, and peep our video interviews after the jump.

T. Mills on when he started making music

T. Mills on being the object of tattoo art

T. Mills on unexpected fans

T. Mills on his EP

T. Mills on being in the studio

T. Mills on his producers

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