Naked Lana Del Rey Covers British GQ, Is Named Woman Of The Year (PHOTO)

Lana Del Rey is named Woman Of The Year by GQ, so of course that means she's naked!

British GQ recently crowned indie-pop songstress Lana Del Rey as their Woman Of  The Year, and of course you know what that means: a naked photo of Lana decked in exceptionally expensive jewelry! Rejoice! But in all seriousness, even though there's no couture here to speak of, Lana does give great face even while working extra hard to hide her girly bits.

And posing in the buff wasn't the only honor Lana bestowed upon British GQ: The "Summertime Sadness" chanteuse also made a cameo at GQ's annual Men Of The Year Awards this past Tuesday night! Not only was she spotted sporting noticeably darker locks (and more clothes), but the artist formerly known as Lizzy Grant was on hand to accept her Woman Of The Year award and even shared an anecdote from her GQ shoot with the audience: "Paul, the creative director, was very hands-on with the shoot. In fact, if you see in the magazine in the middle of the spread, you’ll see a hand hoisting up one of my boobs. That’s Paul’s hand. Couldn't have done it without him." You know what? A big thanks to Paul from us, too. Usually when that happens, a guy catches a slap!

Photo credit: Mariano Vivanco/GQ

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