Netflix Developing New Ultraman Animated Feature

Godzilla is seeing a new resurgence of popularity with Western audiences, but Netflix is hoping we'll get on board with another Japanese icon: Ultraman. Variety reports that Netflix will be developing a new Ultraman in partnership with Tsuburaya Productions.

The planned Ultraman film will be an all-new feature meant to introduce viewers to the character. The movie will be separate from the 2019 Ultraman animated series, also produced by Netflix and Tsuburaya. The show, which acts as a continuation of the original Ultraman television series, has the son of original protagonist Shin Hayata taking over for him as the titular hero and member of the Special Science Search-Party.

With the goal of bringing in new fans in mind, the production will feature heavy western involvement. Tsuburaya is working in conjunction with Industrial Light and Magic to create the animation for the series, with Shannon Tindle (Coraline, Kubo and the Two Strings) making his directorial debut on the film along with co-director John Aoshima. Variety describes the animation as being stylized, but breaking away from the typical style of Japanese animation.

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