New ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Trailer: Five Key Scenes

We take a closer look at the latest action-packed sneak peek.
By Kara Warner

Andrew Garfield in "The Amazing Spider-Man"
Photo: Columbia Pictures

Holy web-slingers, Spidey fans: Another trailer for "The Amazing Spider-Man" has arrived!

While there are several familiar scenes from the first two epic teasers weaved into this exciting new two-and-a-half minutes, director Marc Webb has introduced a bunch of intriguing new elements into the new footage.

Here are five key scenes from the latest trailer:

Lonely Boy
Webb told us previously that the fact that Peter Parker is an orphan will play heavily into the story of this film, which is very much exemplified by the multiple "lonely boy" shots of Parker standing atop various buildings or walking by himself through the city streets with a forlorn look on his face. Not to mention Andrew Garfield's voice-over: "This life is not an easy one. I've made enemies, powerful enemies. I've put people I love in danger, but the one thing that has haunted me my entire life is finding the truth about my parents ... "

"I think there's a real emotional consequence to someone who's left by their parents when they're 7 or 8 years old," Webb has said. "And that contributes to sort of this trickster, chip-on-his-shoulder attitude."

Other Mischief May Come
Speaking of Parker's trickster side, we get another glimpse of his comedic and sarcastic sensibilities during his encounter with a carjacker, as shown in the previous trailer. What's new and fun this time around is Parker taunting the guy: "You found my weakness!" Parker says to the carjacker sarcastically. "It's small knives!"

The other intriguing and very possibly mischievous element in play here is the quick shot we see of Parker looking up at the impossibly tall and menacing Oscorp skyscraper. Yes, we know Parker is interested in the building because of its ties to his father and that Oscorp ID card he holds onto, but we can't help but feel a little bit of foreshadowing is at play in knowing what plays out with one Norman Osborn.

Lizard in a Lab Coat
Behold, the recently transformed, very dangerous-looking Lizard crumpled on the floor and bursting out of his lab coat — or the lab coat of his former self, Dr. Curt Connors (played by Rhys Ifans). We've seen some very quick shots of the film's central villain before, but this trailer offers us multiple glimpses at the before-and-after of Dr. Connors. And he is not at all a nice guy in his hulking green lizardy form ("Avengers" pun un-intended). We see the Lizard hurling innocent people around and later in heated pursuit of our heroic web-slinger.

Mystery Man With Intel
Speaking of the pre-reptilian Dr. Connors, there is a very brief, but intriguing interrogation-like scene in the trailer between Connors and an unidentified older gentleman. The gentleman looks to have long-ish white hair and is shown in a sort of shadowy silhouette asking the good doctor a very pointed question about Peter Parker and his parents. "Did you tell the boy about his father?" he says to Connors. We don't get to hear the Doc's response during this brief exchange, but the worried-but-stubborn look on Connors' face says the man is definitely withholding some key information that will undoubtedly prove to be of major importance to Parker down the line.

Action, Action and More Action
And just like all great superheroic trailers before it, Webb spends the last minute or so of his new trailer impressing us with tons of action. We see Parker-as-Spider-Man's extraordinary athleticism in some scenes of good old-fashioned chasery: He dodges police officers, carjackers and the Lizard, not to mention one impressive feat wherein he appears to be holding a burning car from plunging into a river — which, by the way, totally reminds us of a scene from Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man," whether that was intended or not; we'll have to see the finished film to decide. There is also more demonstration of Spidey's fancy web-slingers as he masters his skills with swinging from building to building and stealthily sliding into rooms upside down.

Check out everything we've got on "The Amazing Spider-Man."

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