New Back To The Future, Jay and Silent Bob Pop!’s from Funko!

Never a group to rest on their laurels, Funko has announced another round of new products in their POP! line:

Do you like movies?
So do we!
Pop! Movies: Back To The FutureHe was never in time for his classes…
He wasn’t in time for his dinner…
Then one day…He wasn’t in his time at all.These Pop!’s are the coolest!
Hurry up and get these now before we are in the future and they are retired…And you are sad.
ScreenHunter_137 Oct. 01 14.19
Marty McFly and Dr. Emmet Brown available October 31st!
Delorean available November 14th!

Pop! Movies: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Just when you’re thinking that things couldn’t possibly get any cooler…
They do!!!

Ladies, ladies, ladies…
Jay and Silent Bob are in the hizzouse!

…these are not just for ladies though.



Available November 14th!
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