NEW Pop! Movies From Funko – Aliens, Predators, Robocop and MORE!

More images  and news of new products from our friends at Funko:


 We are KILLING it in the movie department this year! 
From some of the most classic horror/action films (…and one comedy for funzies) known to man:
Hannibal Lector
Ace Ventura
Pop! Movies: Alien & Predator
These two just can’t seem to play nice…
With each other – or anyone else for that matter!
Yet, I still find myself wanting to cuddle up to these adorable Pop!’s.
Go Figure.
Alien & PredatorThey are frighteningly cute!
  Available MAY 16TH!


Pop! Movies: Hannibal Lecter
Our very first Pop! on a handcart…Awwwww!
Don’t worry, we’ve covered his mouth with his memorable mask to avoid any biting.
Nom Nom.

Available MAY 16TH!


Pop! Movies: Robocop
With a new movie in the works for 2014 release…
This Robocop figure is a a perfect flash back to the original 1987 movie release.
He‘s alive!! 
Available MAY 16TH!


Pop! Movies: Ace Ventura
If you haven’t seen this movie, one might refer to you as a
…But not me…I would NEVER do that!
I could recite this entire move from start to finish
…decided to spare you this once. ;) Luckies.
All Righty Then
Available MAY 21ST!
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