New Song: 3Oh!3, ‘Do Or Die’

Rage with 3Oh!3 in their new single, "Do Or Die."

It's been a minute since we've heard from 3Oh!3, but we can't deny that we're glad the hard-partying duo is back. In fact, they're back with a mantra, and it's a mantra we can get behind: Don't think, just party. Tooootally into that.

Set to a trance-like, synth-heavy club beat, the boys of 3Oh!3 urge their listeners to throw caution to the wind in favor of a memorable night. While it's a little hard to understand what the eff anyone is saying due to the immense amount of Auto-Tune, we're pretty sure the boys are singing about raging and being so rich that you can have diamonds embedded in your kicks: "We on three nights and no sleep/Roll with those who know me/We chillin’ up so high you can find us in the nose bleed/Fresh on both feet/We’re living like we don’t care what’s tomorrow gonna be." Yo, we're a size 7. Hit us up.

Listen to 3Oh!3's "Do Or Die." 

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