New Song: Alicia Keys Featuring Maxwell, ‘Fire We Make’

Alicia, her hubby Swizz Beatz, and Maxwell celebrate in the studio.

I've basically been in love with Maxwell since my freshman year of college when -- brace yourselves, y'all -- my awesome college a cappella group released a totally bomb version of his hit "Lifetime." Maxwell's got the best falsetto in the game, and you know it, and I know it, and Alicia Keys knows it, which is precisely why she asked him to come sing with her on her new ballad, "Fire We Make." And did we mention it's seriously en fuego? (You didn't think we'd get through this post without at least one "en fuego" reference, did you?)

Listen to "Fire We Make" by Alicia Keys, featuring Maxwell, after the jump.

If for some reason you thought time might have been unkind to Maxwell's sparkling, buttery, wash-over-you-like-a-bath-of-warm-melted-honey vocals (clearly, my obsession has only worsened), then you were sorely mistaken! Because the man's voice still sounds like pure perfection, a perfection that's only heightened by Alicia's just-as-perfect voice. Produced by Pop & Oak, "Fire We Burn" is a steamy, lilting slow jam that (thankfully) stays true to its classic R&B roots. In his twinkling falsetto, Maxwell coo's softly: "With the fire we make, it's getting hotter and hotter/ Like a moth to a flame, I can’t stay away." Nor should you! Didn't your mother tell you never to let a man with a voice like that slip out of your grasp?! And... I've revealed too much. Time for a cold shower.

+ Listen to Alicia Keys featuring Maxwell, "Fire We Make."

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