New Song: Anarbor, ‘Damage I’ve Done’

Anarbor won't damage your ears with their new jam.

Some bands want to "Fix You." Anarbor's trying to get a grip on themselves first: "I don't want to live a day past 29," Steve Echeverria sings on "Damage I've Done," but dude might also be freaking out: "I'm scared/ That I never will repair the damage I've done." Birthdays are rough sometimes, guys. One thing he can stop worrying about: the song's upbeat track, which opens with an "Adam's Song"-esque melodic guitar line before the rhythm section dives in, definitely won't do any damage to your ears.

Listen to Anarbor's "Damage I've Done" after the jump.

The sensitive single plays like an answer track to the group's last single, "Whiskey in Hell," a song that pays homage to living the alcohol-soaked rock star life. Looks like the band's upcoming album, title still to be announced (hook it up, fellas!), will tackle both sides of the coin. The way this almost-30 existential crisis is going, the band's next single's going to be titled "We Bought a Juicer After Tuesday Night Yoga" -- so cheer up, guys! Keith Richards is almost 70, and he still brings the audience to its knees!

The Phoenix band's follow-up to last year's "The Mixtape" is expected in early 2013 -- we'll have to ring in the New Year with this one in the meantime. The band will be touring with Never Shout Never this fall.

+ Listen to Anarbor's "Damage I've Done."

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