New Song: Bruno Mars, ‘Young Girls’

Bruno Mars loves the young ladies in his brand new record.

If you were watching "Saturday Night Live" a couple of weeks back, you would know that Bruno Mars totally nailed his hosting gig AND debuted a brand-new song called "Young Girls." Although he sounded amazing on SNL (duh), Bruno has just released the track's studio version -- which you'll be pleased to learn sounds just as awesome from behind the mixing board as it does in front of a live audience!

Listen to Bruno Mars' "Young Girls" after the jump.

Slated as the first track off the "Locked Out Of Heaven" singer's forthcoming album Unorthodox Jukebox (check out the track list!), "Young Girls" is a lush, harmonizing record that combines Bruno's signature retro flourishes with some perfectly polished, modern-day pop production. As the pre-chorus builds, Bruno breaks out into the hook: "Oh you young wild girls/ You make a mess of me/ Yeah you young wild girls/ You’ll be the death of me/ No matter what you do/ Yeah you young wild girls/ I'll always come back to you." We'll admit, it does sound a smidge R.Kelly of Bruno to be singing about "Young Girls," but we'll just choose to focus on the "wild" part instead of the "young" part. Plus, when Bruno says "young," he probably still means "of legal age." Pretty melody though, bro!

+ Listen to Bruno Mars' "Young Girls."

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