New Song: Cassie Featuring Young Jeezy, ‘Balcony’

Cassie hooked up on a balcony!

Cassie gets suuuuuuper up close and personal (and possibly TMI?) in her new song "Balcony." Actually, who are we kidding? If the "King Of Hearts" singer wants to give us the play-by-play of her hot hookup in NYC, then who are we not to listen?

Listen to Cassie featuring Young Jeezy, "Balcony," after the jump. 

Produced by Rico Love and likely sanctioned by Diddy (Cassie's boss at Bad Boy), "Balcony" is a mega sultry and sparse R&B ballad that takes us through a "bedtime" session with her man. But this isn't any run-of-the-mill romp -- as Cassie coos we learn this hookup went down on a balcony. As in, public, outdoors and probably totally hot: "From the sight of you, standing there love/ I could walk, walk on air/ Then we made love on the balcony /Right there in New York City/ I saw a tourist staring back at me/ In Times Square in New York City." Was this taken from personal experience, Cas? Young Jeezy roughs up the track with his signature rasp halfway through, but Cassie closes out the slow jam, her sultry vocals bringing us right back to where we started (the makeout zone).

Girl, you cray! (What would your mom say?!) But mad props for getting yours your way.

+ Listen to Cassie featuring Young Jeezy, "Balcony."

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