New Song: Ciara Featuring 2 Chainz, ‘Sweat’

Listen to Ciara's new track, 'Sweat,' featuring 2 Chainz.

We fondly remember the moment when Ciara's "1, 2 Step" hit our ears way back in 2004. The tune made us want to learn all the girl's moves so we could impress all the boos in the club. (By "all the boos in the club" we mean "my one cat at home.") Now Ci's back with another high-energy dance track, "Sweat" featuring 2 Chainz, and she's inspiring us to shake our "Goodies" all over again. THANK GOD.

Listen to Ciara's "Sweat," featuring 2 Chainz, after the jump.

In a recent interview, Ciara mentioned that her new One Woman Army album was going to be "very, very personal," so much so that she "darn near cried" while recording it. We could be totally insensitive here, but the first released track from her fifth studio album doesn't offer us that feeling one bit. Instead, the hand-clapping rhythm, synths and heavy bass just make us want to lose our s*** on the dance floor. And judging by Ciara's lyrics, that's exactly the point: "Let me in your head, watch you learn some/ Tryin' to see you sweat, watch you burn some." She's talking about calories, right?

If you weren't convinced this song was solely intended for your Zumba playlist, check out 2 Chainz' sexy, sweaty verse: "Get done over, while she rock back, I rock back/ Truck back, I rock back." No clue what that means, but I think I need a shower.

+ Listen to Ciara Featuring 2 Chainz "Sweat."

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