New Song: Emii, ‘Stilettos (Monikkr Dubstep Remix)’

Emii leaves her heels on in her 'Stilettos (Monikkr Dubstep Remix).'

Nothing like a dark, grimy remix of a song called "Stilettos" to make us realize that our footwear collection is in serious need of an upgrade. Yo, blown-out, stank flip-flops? You gots to GO.

The upshot of experiencing this shame spiral of flawed footery is that it was spurred on by the Monikkr dubstep remix of Emii's recent single "Stilettos," which remains one of our all-time favorite songs about shoes ever. (Nelly's "Air Force Ones" better take a seat.) The late-2011 single (and our ultimate Friday night "getting-ready playlist" guilty pleasure) from the Los Angeles pop chanteuse -- who previously collaborated with Snoop Dogg on her single "Mr. Romeo" -- gets a serious reworking from Brooklyn producer Monikkr, giving the high-gloss original a wobbly, dubby makeover. Heavy industrial bass and Emii's repeated refrain of "me and my stilettos" make this new mix sound like it was sent from the future -- a future where people only wear, and discuss stilettos. Which is exactly the kind of future we here at Buzzworthy believe in.

+ Listen to Emii's "Stilettos (Monikkr Dubstep Remix)."

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