New Song: Go Radio, ‘Collide’

Go Radio's "Collide" delivers all the "woah-oh-ohs" you'll need this summer.

Go Radio finally released their brand-new song, "Collide," and it feels like stepping into a boxing ring with the pros: The track's electric guitars hit like Manny Pacquiao jabs, while singer/guitarist Jason Lancaster belts like a heavyweight. "There was a fire / There could be one again," he sings, before adding, "I won't let you burn out tonight." Metaphors! (Kinda like the boxing one we just used!) With his gruff vocals and soaring whoa-oh-ohs that back the chorus, the song's midway between Say Anything-style punk, needtobreathe's alt-country bent, and Kings of Leon's rugged, stadium-ready rock.

Listen To Go Radio's "Collide" after the jump.

The Florida group's released two EPs, Welcome To Life and Do Overs And Second Chances, since forming in 2008, so anticipation is high for Go Radio's debut album -- high enough for the rockers to score 20,000 Facebook shares from fans to unlock the "Collide" stream. (To quote Tenacious D, "That's f***ing teamwork!") The band's buzz is no surprise: Lancaster used to play in Mayday Parade, so dude's been impressing us for years.

Go Radio's toured with Yellowcard and Silverstein, among others, driving an eco-friendly tour van they've dubbed the Rock-It Ship that saved them an estimated $2,000 in gas money (and sticking it to global warming) on their recent jaunt from Orlando to L.A. Al Gore would be proud.

Go Radio's next album, Close the Distance, drops Sept. 18 on Fearless Records.

+ Listen to Go Radio's "Collide."

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