New Song: Icona Pop, ‘We Got The World’

Listen (and dance your a** off) to Icona Pop's latest release, "We Got The World."

We're no strangers to Swede pop -- in fact we heavily endorse it! Just look at these Masters of the Pop Universe: There's Lykke Li, Robyn...and I mean, even Abba ruled in the '70s. (No denying it! Have you any idea how long "Mamma Mia" has been on Broadway?? That's staying power.) Anyway, our latest MVS (Most Favorite Swedes) is definitely the electro-pop duo Icona Pop, aka Aino Jawo and Caroline Hjelt, singers of such thumping, dance-ready hits as "I Love It" and "Ready For The Weekend." (Extra points to you if you remember that the girls also assisted in Chiddy Bang's indie hit "Mind Your Manners.") Now Icona Pop is back with a brand-new track off of their EP Iconic, titled "We Got The World."

Listen to Icona Pop's "We Got The World" after the jump.

Kicking off with the ladies' chiming, "Say 'you must be high' when we’re spreading love/ But we're just living life and we'll never stop/ We got the world, we got the world," the track dives headfirst into a house-heavy beat, which we think will do juuuust fine in every club, like, everywhere. Taking cues from artists like the aforementioned pop master Robyn and even more so from electronica's prodigal son Calvin Harris, "We Got The World" is pure, simple, pop fun, and begs the listener to revel in all of its explosive, stay-in-your-head-for-a-week, hook-laden glory. Icona Pop cannot be ignored -- and we're not complaining! Just get us to the cluuurb on time.

+ Listen to Icona Pop's "We Got The World."

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