New Song, Justin Bieber, ‘Die In Your Arms’

Justin Bieber goes all '60s soul on us on his new track, "Die In Your Arms."

Justin Bieber just dropped his brand-new song "Die In Your Arms," and if you assumed Justin's new sound on his upcoming Believe album would go the way of "Boyfriend" -- all Neptuned-out, swaggy future-sex-love-sounds slickness -- well you assumed wrong. "Die In Your Arms" (no relation to Cutting Crew jam, thankfully) sounds like a lost Jackson 5 song, with Hitsville USA stamped all over it, down to the minimal church organ intro, "hey-yeah" chorus, "hey girl" spoken-word breakdown, and a hello to the sweet falsetto that turned the female population into a planet of swooning Beliebers.

While Justin Bieber faces battery charges against a paparazzo following an altercation this weekend (FREE BIEBER!), "Die In Your Arms," produced by Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins, paints a timeless picture of a sugary sweet schoolboy crush. And with the EDM stormfront thumping across mainstream music, the pining, retro-tinged, soda counter teenaged love song is a refreshing, soulful retreat that demonstrates that Justin Bieber can capably pull of the retro-nuevo sound as adeptly as modern acts like Duffy, the late Amy Winehouse, Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to return to scribbling bubbly hearts all over my notebook.

+ Listen to Justin Bieber's "Die In Your Arms."

Photo credit: Ben Watts/ UMG

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