New Song: Justin Bieber, ‘Wait For A Minute’ Featuring Tyga

Listen to Justin Bieber's new song "Wait A Minute" featuring Tyga.

Justin Bieber’s new collab with Tyga is, like… really hot.

True Life: We’re obsessed with “Wait (The Whisper Song).” Remember that Ying Yang Twins jam you might’ve grinded to at some awkward sexual awakening of a middle school semi-formal? Well, anyway, we love it, and since Justin Bieber‘s new song, “Wait For A Minute” featuring Tyga, has a very “Whisper Song”-y intro, we obviously love it, too. (But, like, when have we ever not liked a JB track?)

Listen to Justin Bieber’s “Wait For A Minute” featuring Tyga after the jump.

After that sensual opening proposition (“Wait just a minute/ Can you wait just a minute/ Baby girl, just a minute/ Wait just a minute”), Justin switches over to singing getting progressively more passionate. While the Biebs recharges after belting out the first chorus, Tyga comes in with his similarly themed verse.

We’ve gotta wonder, though… Who do Justin or Tyga need to beg to wait for them? I mean, like, y’all have eyes, RIGHT?! #CaseClosed Buh, the closest we’ll probably ever get to being all “Why yes, ‘stin, we shall wait thusly for ye” IRL with Justin will be gently cooing into his Madame Tussaud’s wax figure‘s ear. Hmmmm, well, at least we’ve figured out our weekend plans!

+ Listen to Justin Bieber’s “Wait For A Minute” featuring Tyga.

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