New Song: Kelly Clarkson Featuring Vince Gill, ‘Don’t Rush’

Kelly goes country on her latest single featuring Vince Gill, "Don't Rush."

After spending the majority of our summer listening to Kelly Clarkson cover artists like Rihanna, Eminem, and No Doubt on her "Stronger" tour (we're still waiting for that all-covers album, btw), you can imagine how PSYCHED we are for her upcoming Greatest Hits -- Chapter 1 album, slated to drop Nov. 16. So far we've got her new single "Catch My Breath" to tide us over while we wait, and NOW we're loving, swaying gently to, and belting out Kelly's latest single from Greatest Hits, the country-tinged song "Don't Rush," featuring country singer Vince Gill.

Listen to Kelly Clarkson's "Don't Rush," featuring Vince Gill after the jump.

It's true -- we're not totally used to hearing Kelly exploring her country side (though she is from Texas, so go figure), but judging by the vocals on "Don't Rush," we think we could get used to Country Kelly (I mean, we had no trouble adjusting to Country Hayden Panettiere, right?). Set to a drowsy, take-it-easy beat, Kelly and Vince may be backed by some vaguely generic pop-radio country twang, but lush, layered harmonies help set the track apart as they smoothly sing about taking your time in love: "Stopping every minute just because you're in it/ Wishing every day was Sunday, you're right next to me/ It's how it's supposed to be/ Hanging on every touch/ Baby don't rush." OK, now we think we're absolutely, 100 percent ready for Kelly's Greatest Hits to come out -- her fabulousness cannot be contained to her singles!! (But pls don't stop releasing singles, k?)

+ Listen to Kelly Clarkson's "Don't Rush," featuring Vince Gill.

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