New Song: Lucius, ‘Tempest’

Listen to Lucius' "Tempest."

Lucius reach new harmonic heights in "Tempest."

When acclaimed economist (that's right, economist) Paul Krugman praises a new band, specifically Brooklyn's indie-pop quintet Lucius, you gotta sit up and listen. Like, when Krugman takes even a second away from assessing the economic state of the world at large, it must be for a good reason (but I happen to know that Krugs has a little soft spot for music -- I heard your "Rock Doctors" guest spot on "Sound Opinions," Paul!).

Anyway. As long as I'm having a fangirl moment, I'll just go ahead and join Paul, Rolling Stone, and Seventeen (to name a few) in professing my love for Lucius, who sonically embody a Tegan and Sara-meets-Shawn Colvin-meets-Fleetwood Mac vibe, a sound that's especially vibrant in their irresistible new song, "Tempest."

Listen to Lucius' "Tempest" after the jump.

Led by co-founders and lead vocalists Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig, "Tempest" showcases the girls' lush harmonies before diving into a series of echoing synths, male backup vocals, rhythmic guitar strums, and bittersweet words. "We are two ships passing/ How long will this last /We haven't had the time to work it out/ Sitting in the back seat/ Who knows where our paths meet?/ You keep shouting 'we gotta work it out.'" Gah, be still, my breaking heart. Excuse me, time to throw my annual end-of-summer Tegan And Sarah-sponsored #feelings fest and page through my high school yearbook.

"Tempest" will appear on Lucius' upcoming debut album, Wildewoman, out Oct. 15. Pre-order the record via iTunes, and catch the band on tour from September through December.

+ Listen to Lucius' "Tempest."

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