New Song: Mac Miller And Pharrell, ‘Glow’

Listen to "Glow," the first track of Mac Miller and Pharrell's collaborative album, Pink Slime.

Mac Miller and Pharrell have officially confirmed their bromance, guys. Much like Jay-Z and Kanye West watched the throne, Mac Miller and Pharrell doused themselves in Pink Slime. Or something like that....

Listen to Mac Miller and Pharrell, "Glow" after the jump.

Mac Miller and Pharrell are releasing Pink Slime, their first collaborative album. "Glow," the first track off the duo's forthcoming disc, is set to a slinky, weird and hypnotic beat -- or in other words, it's totally and completely Pharrell. In his playful tone, Mac rhymes, "Eating seven course meals now/ People say that I gained weight/ All you rappers you ain't safe/ More money same face." Pharrell lends his buttery vocals to the song's hook, which sends a simple yet powerful message: "Girl, I'm bright as a b****/ I just glow/ I'm so special." You know what? We couldn't agree more, bros. Glow on!

+ Listen to Mac Miller and Pharrell, "Glow." 

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