New Song: Mika Featuring Pharrell Williams, ‘Celebrate’

You'll dance like cray to Mika's and Pharrell Williams' latest collabo,"Celebrate."

Mika's on a mission to make this summer the most chipper one ever by teasing us with all kinds of peppy tunes from his forthcoming album, The Origin of Love. Just recently, his goal was to "Make You Happy" with a romantic video that reminded us of our fave indie films. Now, Mika wants us to "Celebrate" his latest jam with Pharrell Williams. (Warning: This song may cause endorphin overload.)

Listen to a sneak peek of Mika and Pharrell Williams in "Celebrate" after the jump.

The Origin of Love doesn't officially drop until September 16, but the already-released preview of "Celebrate" rejoices in pop at its peppiest. Mika sticks to what he's really good at: uplifting beats and cheery riffs that offer a lush '80s-dance vibe (think Pet Shop Boys). But if you're looking for the Brit's signature falsetto, keep on walking (or dancing,) 'cause the singer takes a break on hitting the high notes this time around -- he's probably too busy celebrating.

While the lyrics seem to concentrate more on overcoming personal struggle ("Then I pull myself together/ I remember those two letters, it will be OK/ Everyone says now or never/ I say only if it’s better,") Mika's chorus asks the world to celebrate and Pharrell Williams' fun (but subtle) vocal additions give the song's overall tone a major "put yo' hands in the air like you just don't care" vibe. Don't mind if we do.

+ Listen To Mika and Pharrell Williams on "Celebrate."

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