New Song: Outasight, ‘Now Or Never’

Get familiar with Outasight's latest, 'Now Or Never.'

Yonkers-bred rapper and singer Outasight (née Richard Andrew) permanently implanted an earworm in your brain with his debut single, "Tonight Is The Night." (It was featured in a huge national Pepsi commercial and broke the top 30 on the Billboard Pop Songs chart. NBD.) Now Outasight is aiming to top the success of his first smash -- and thanks to his latest record, "Now Or Never," he's probably gonna do just that.

Listen to Outasight's "Now Or Never" after the jump. 

"Now Or Never" is the kind of jam that can carry you through a long drive with the top down, get you revved up before hitting da club (or backyard above-ground pool, if you're me) and inspire you to go the extra mile (or minute, in my case) at the gym. Praise! Set to a synth-laden, high-energy dance track, the tune begins with O's infectious vocals: "So we don’t care what the people say/ And we don’t care what they want to do/ And we don’t care about it anymore/ We do what we want/ I ain't wasting a no more time/ It's now or never/ I’m about to get mine."

In his own words, Outasight explains, "#NowOrNever is about taking control of your destiny. It comes from a very real place. I'll tell the story soon." We'll be waiting.

+ Listen to Outasight's "Now Or Never."

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