New Song: R. Kelly, ‘When A Man Lies’

R. Kelly isn't messing around on "When A Man Lies." (Not that we'd expect him to.)

R. Kelly is kind of the best. He's been in the R&B game since the early '90s, affirmed his musical genius in the "Trapped In The Closet" series (which has 30 more chapters coming, btw), and now he's totally back with a new single, "When A Man Lies." What we're really trying to say here is, R. Kelly knows what's up. If he tries to impart some advice, you better listen up. And when it comes to romancing and treating a lady right (DON'T LIE!!!), we suggest guys DEFINITELY listen up. Kells always has your best interest at heart!

Listen to R. Kelly's "When A Man Lies" after the jump.

The latest single from R. Kelly's 11th studio album, Write Me Back, "When A Man Lies" serves as a cautionary tale to both men and women. "When a man lies/ he pierces the very soul of that woman/ Yes he does, yeah/ I'm just telling the truth," Kells warns on the track. That's some tough love, R. Kelly, but we know you're just telling us what we need to hear. We trust you. If anyone knows the opposite sex, it's you. Besides, it's not that hard to remember: NO LYING! So, if some smooth-talker tries to get all up in your ear, telling you everything you want to hear, just remember what R. Kelly said.

+ Listen to R. Kelly's "When A Man Lies."

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