New Song: Ra Ra Riot, ‘Beta Love’

Ra Ra Riot have a case of robot love.

Last we heard from Ra Ra Riot, they were reveling in the success of 2010's The Orchard, a spiky indie-pop record blanketed in standout strings, courtesy of cellist Alexandra Lawn. But now the band's kicking its feet out into synthier territory. It's not much of a surprise, since we've always known lead singer Wes Miles had a taste for the electronic (courtesy of his electronic side project Discovery). That said, Ra Ra Riot's new single "Beta Love" is a dancey jam that sounds like it just finished getting down with the Passion Pit and Pop Etc. bros at an Ace Hotel party that we didn't get invited to. Dudes, text next time! With Lawn no longer in the band, strings are still in the mix, but now they weave around Bigfoot-size synths and Wes' sky-high falsetto.

Listen to Ra Ra Riot's "Beta Love" after the jump.

And you may need to ask Siri for some futuristic moves for this one: "In this city of robot parts, ours were made to be," Miles sings, following in the grand sci-fi pop tradition of Rush, Christina Aguilera, and Janelle Monae. Robot romance will apparently play a role on the band's upcoming album, which was inspired by cyberpunk novelist William Gibson -- the writer who paved the way for movies such as "The Matrix" back when Keanu was still having excellent adventures. Whoa. You'll find Ra Ra Riot's Beta Love out on Barsuk Records on Jan. 22, which means two more months of dancing to this one before all the cool androids have heard it.

Listen to Ra Ra Riot's "Beta Love."

Photo credit: Shervin Lainez/Courtesy of the artist

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