New Song: Rihanna Featuring Chris Brown, ‘Nobody’s Business’

And here's the full-length version of Chris Brown and Rihanna's collaboration.

Deep breaths, y'all -- the full-length version of "Nobody's Business," otherwise known as the official Rihanna and Chris Brown collaboration, has dropped. And did you really think it was going to come out without having us it for you to listen to right now?! We got your back, guys. Relax. One more note before we continue: Yes, they changed the title from "Nobodie's Business" to "Nobody's Business," which as you could imagine, was driving us slightly bonkers. So now we're feeling SUPER relaxed.

Listen to Rihanna featuring Chris Brown's "Nobody's Business" after the jump.

We said this earlier when we brought you a preview of "Nobody's Business," and we'll say it again: this record is WAY better than Chris and Rihanna's earlier collabo, "Birthday Cake (Remix)." We're all about the '90s-esque vibe "Nobody's Business" has going on, and in case you were wondering, it's our professional opinion that it's as infectious as any and all One Direction records. That being said, it definitely does not mean that the "Diamonds" singer and Chris are ::together::, despite their controversial maybe or maybe not kiss at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awardsbut we can't deny a great record when we hear it. We just hope that Rihanna continues to focus only on positivity and TOTALLY AWESOME things like her "777" tour, as well as being hot and naked most of the time.

What do you think of Chris and Rihanna's collaboration? Sound off in the comments below.

+ Listen to Rihanna featuring Chris Brown's "Nobody's Business."

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