New Song: Rihanna Featuring Kanye West, ‘Diamonds (Remix)’

Rihanna and Kanye team up for her "Diamonds" remix.

Seriously, Rihanna is winning at life right now and it is a LANDSLIDE victory. Not only is her Unapologetic album dropping on Monday, but she's taking over the world one country at a time on her "777" tour, and the internet should probably just be renamed "endless stream of Rihanna's jaw-dropping barely there photos"-net (we tried). Let's be rill -- it just seems UNFAIR how much Ri is basically running the world. Oh, and there's one more thing working in her favor: Her already AH-mazing song "Diamonds" just got a remix featuring one the hottest rappers in existence, Kanye West. Everyone else just give up, pack it guys, let's go home. Rihanna can't be beat.

Listen to Rihanna featuring Kanye West's "Diamonds (Remix)" after the jump.

You may remember that the last time Ri and 'Ye paired up, we got the REMARKABLE "All Of The Lights," and now we're excited to say that the "Diamonds (Remix)" is an equally awesome encore. "We in this party and nobody invited me/ We goin' crazy and I always use my best sense/ but it don't matter cause I'm always on my Fresh Prince," Kanye defiantly spits. (He also says he could almost "kiss himself" -- never change, Kanye.) How have these two only collabo'd a couple of times? They sound so natural together -- they should record together WAY more often. But far be it from us to question Rihanna's career choices, cause clearly, she KNOWS what she's doing. We can only bow and bask in her shine (like a diamond). Ugh, sorry about that, had to!

+ Listen to Rihanna featuring Kanye West's "Diamonds (Remix)."

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