New Song: T-Pain, ‘Don’t You Quit’

T-Pain wants you to work hard in his latest song, "Don't You Quit."

There's a LOT going on in T-Pain's latest song, and quite honestly, we're not sure what to make of it. From what we can tell, "Don't You Quit" is an ode to hot strippers. Well, DUH.

As the first single from T-Pain's forthcoming mixtape Stoic, the rapper urges strippers of the world to stay in the industry because a) he can support them financially, and b) he'd be REALLY sad if there weren't any more naked chicks to gawk at. (Also, WHEW! Now we can sleep at night knowing T-Pain's got the stripping industry covered.)

The song also talks about Facebook, Instagram, and...laxatives. Yep, LAXATIVES. And there's a significant lack of auto-tune! So much to digest. (PUNS!)

Listen to T-Pain's "Don't You Quit" after the jump.

We guess the best place to start is in the lovely world of social media. Somewhat reminiscent of that gem of a song "Instagram Ya Body" by Willie Taylor and featuring Jeremih, T-Pain also begs hot chicks to post NSFW pics: "Girl, make me wanna post up pics/Facebook, let me poke you/Put that booty on Instagram/20 more pics going instaham/I got money, you got friends." The phrase "Instaham" is sort of innovative,  yes? T-Pain goes on to say some stuff about laxatives, some more stuff about naked chicks, and before you know it, the song is done. We're not sure if this is T-Pain's best lyrical moment, but he does get an extra 50 points for coining the term "Instaham."

+ Listen to T-Pain's "Don't You Quit." 

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