New Songs: Missy Elliott, ‘Triple Threat’ and ‘9th Inning’

Missy Elliott performs two new songs at the launch of Le Sutra Sparkling Liqueur in Miami Beach. 

I mean, should we even try to describe our feelings toward Missy Elliott's triumphant return? Like seriously, should we? Because they're pretty much on par with the feelings we'd have if a) we were asked to perform a duet with Justin Bieber, or b) Robert Pattinson asked us out on a date. (Call me maybe, Robert?) Or in other words, the best effing thing to happen to your life, in life. 

Listen to Missy Elliott's "Triple Threat" and "9th Inning" after the jump.

As promised, Missy unveiled two new songs over Labor Day weekend, and naturally she didn't disappoint. In collaboration with her longtime pal Timbaland (who welcomed Missy to the stage while hosting the launch of Le Sutra Sparkling Liqueur during Fontainebleau BleauLive in Miami Beach), Missy's new tracks will appear on her upcoming seventh album, tentatively titled Block Party. In "Triple Threat," Missy whips out the signature flow that we've come to love and respect as she spits about living life in the spotlight: "One liter, two liter, in my cup, margarita/Roll up in my two-seater/I’ma pretty diva, call me señorita.” Obviously, we haven't heard studio versions of the songs yet, but if they're even half as good as how they sound live, then it's probably safe to say that Missy definitely hasn't lost her touch (I mean, do you guys REMEMBER "One Minute Man"??). But then again, why would she have? Bottom line: We've missed you, babygirl. Welcome back!

Listen to Missy Elliott's "Triple Threat" and "9th Inning." 

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