New Video: 2 Chainz Featuring Kanye West, ‘Birthday Song’

2 Chainz and Kanye West throw a birthday celebration that is certifiably insane in 2 Chainz's "Birthday Song" video.

When 2 Chainz released the single for "Birthday Song" -- from his No. 1 debut, Based On A T.R.U. Story -- we had an idea of what the video might be like, in that it would feature several women with enormous posteriors. (Hazarding a guess, that's all!) That is all 2 Chainz wants for his birthday, and I don't see why the director of the video wouldn't oblige him. HOWEVER, I did not foresee what the actual video (booty-shaped birthday cakes, elder family members eating with a non-Katy Perry-icing-covered woman on the table, a little boy version of 2 Chainz) had in store. And I haven't even mentioned Kanye West yet.

Watch 2 Chainz Featuring Kanye West's  "Birthday Song" video after the jump.

The video begins with 2 Chainz walking through his house right as his birthday celebration kicks off. There are big-booty women dancing (check) while all of the guests are in their Sunday best. Then 2 Chainz raps alongside a dude drinking a 40 and a grumpy clown. Later, that clown is beaten up by guests, so his bad attitude is DEF not appreciated. Also, maybe they were mad that he wasn't a big-booty ho. (WE WERE PROMISED HOES, DAMN IT!) After having some food, 2 Chainz heads to the backyard, where he passes a kid version of himself (we'll call him lil' 2 Chainz, or maybe Half a Chain).

There are several activities taking place in the backyard, including a piñata and the world's most boring-looking lap dances by some checked-out chicks on some Carlton Banks-looking quadruplets. Kanye then joins the party with several ladies (obvs) and a big paper cake for someone to pop out of (probably more girls). Then it's PRESENT TIME!!! The gifts are mainly underwear for ladies, as we have a theme to stick to! It all ends in a Slip N' Slide, as all good birthdays should. If that sounds like a lot, you're right: On top of being a VERY busy birthday party, the video feels like a satire of a parody of "Pootie Tang" dreamed up by The Lonely Island crew with some help from "Jackass." But don't hate on 2 Chainz for having a better birthday than you. Or for getting everything he wanted... and then some.

+ Watch 2 Chainz Featuring Kanye West's "Birthday Song" video (NSFW language).

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