New Video: A$AP Rocky Featuring Skrillex, ‘Wild For The Night’

A$AP Rocky and Skrillex go on the best Dominican vacation ever in their "Wild For The Night" video.

Next time you go to the Dominican Republic, we suggest you hire A$AP Rocky as your tour guide.

When was the last time you were in the Dominican Republic for spring break? Did you sit by the beach in a tankini and sip piña coladas? (DUH, we're sure you did.) Wanna know what A$AP Rocky does in the Dominican Republic, at least according to his brand-new "Wild For The Night" video? Oh, just pals around with his bro Skrillexwears chic man-florals, and throws a sick daytime rager that transforms into one the most badass nighttime ragers the Dominican Republic has ever seen. (That's a lot of ragers, BTW.)

Watch A$AP Rocky featuring Skrillex's "Wild For The Night" video after the jump.

The latest single off A$AP's acclaimed Long.Live.A$AP, A$AP and Skrillex commandeer someone's backyard as they wild out in coordinated black-and-white outfits at the top of the clip. After a quick motorcycle ride around the town (in matching outfits again, no less!), A$AP and Skrillex take things indoors as they take over a vacant club and throw the best damn party this previously quiet Dominican village has ever seen. While Skrillex gets behind the decks, A$AP performs to a hyped crowd, and before you know it, the clothes are coming off and the drinks are flowing like water (a scenario that sounds infinitely better than "almost-full-coverage" tankinis and coladas.). That in mind -- wonder how much A$AP would charge to be our personal tour guide for a Dominican getaway? We're booking our trip now.

+ Watch A$AP Rocky featuring Skrillex's "Wild For The Night" video.

Photo credit: A$AP Rocky's Facebook

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