New Video: Adam Lambert, ‘Never Close Our Eyes’

Watch Adam Lambert take on "the man" in his new "Never Close Our Eyes" music video.

Can we officially agree that this is going be the summer of Adam Lambert? The guy's already on fire with his Trespassing album, which debuted at #1. And now his new "Never Close Our Eyes" video proves he's ready for total domination as he fights the power...without a single hair falling out of place.

Watch Adam Lambert's "Never Close Our Eyes" video after the jump.

"Never Close Our Eyes" takes place in a dreary post-apocalyptic world where everybody appears to be prisoners closely monitored by cameras. Scenes catch Adam and other listless prisoners following "the man's" rules by doing mindless chores, marching in synchronized lines and popping pills to keep in order. (Sound familiar, "Hunger Games" fans?) But (as we already knew) Adam's no follower -- he starts a revolution!

How does the ultimate rule-breaking rock star plan to take back his individuality? With colorful smoke and flawless choreography, of course. Adam and crew dance for their freedom in bright outfits -- Adam's not only bringing the new tunes this summer, he's also bringing florescent accessories back. Thought you knew. Inciting anarchy has never looked so glamb-orous.

+ Watch Adam Lambert's "Never Close Our Eyes" video.

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