New Video: Cher Lloyd, ‘Want U Back’

Cher Lloyd causes trouble in her new video, 'Want U Back.'

Cher Lloyd reminds us of that badass friend in high school who skipped class (but still got good grades), refused to wear her gym class uniform ('cause they were lame) and never sported a zit a day in her life. We so wanted be her. (Still do!) If you're wondering if sassy girls ever grow out of being effing awesome, they don't. Case in point: Cher's newest video, "Want U Back" (not to be confused with the other version), proves that bad girls just wanna have fun... at everyone else's expense.

Watch Cher Lloyd's new video for "Want U Back" after the jump!

The "Want U Back" video may look like your run-of-the-mill "I'm going to make my ex-BF's new girlfriend's life a living hell while she's hard at work at a local diner by tripping her and tossing milkshakes in her face" video, but it's so much more than that. (OK, it's not really about much more than that.) While we're all about karma and being nice to others, Cher's one of the most fashionably adorable bullies we've ever seen. Girl even lives out our own dream of strutting across a countertop like it's a catwalk and starting a killer dance party with strangers. (BTW, we're accepting applications for our "I Want To Be Cher Lloyd" club.)

Sure, stirring up trouble in the diner gets Cher arrested in the end, but the gorg Brit still wins by taking supersexy mug shots. Getting a criminal record never looked so chic.

+ Watch Cher Lloyd's "Want U Back" video.

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