New Video: Chiddy Bang, ‘Mind Your Manners’

We've been ready for Chiddy Bang to release their "Mind Your Manners" video ever since they slayed their performance of the song at the mtvU Woodies Awards Festival. And happily, that day has arrived! The lighthearted, summer-ready jam features a sample from Swedish group Icona Pop, which makes Chiddy's new tune perfect for driving around with the top down or getting your rage on at the first BBQ of the summer.

Watch Chiddy Bang "Mind Your Manners" after the jump.

Chiddy's "Mind Your Manners" video is one huge effing party that we realllly wish we'd have been invited to. In the Tim Nackashi-directed clip, Chiddy Bang find their way into a warehouse full of crazy ish. There are peeps wearing giant-plush rabbit heads (WTF) and a bunch of other peeps wearing pastel masks and holding video cameras. (Extremely normal.) The warehouse rager continues, and not only do Chiddy perform a live set in the middle of the room, but a giant dance party unfolds and confirms this to be the most random (yet dopest) collection of people we've ever seen.

If you're looking for a real-life version of this video, then make sure you check out Chiddy Bang's "Under The Influence Of Music Tour," also featuring professional partiers Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller. 'Cause you and I both know that the "Mind Your Manners" video is mad tame compared to what's gonna go down on tour. Just sayin.'

Watch Chiddy Bang's "Mind Your Manners" video.

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