New Video: Coldplay Featuring Rihanna, ‘Princess Of China’

Rihanna and Coldplay explore Asian references and each other's foreheads in their "Princess Of China" video.

We've been waiting for Coldplay and Rihanna's "Princess Of China" video forever! First we heard the song, then Ri tweeted that gangsta goth photo of herself on the video's set. We were recently treated to some behind-the-scenes footage from the video shoot -- one more cruel teaser and we actually would have lost our minds. But now the full version is out, and we're equal parts intrigued and confused.

Watch Coldplay's Rihanna-assisted "Princess Of China" video after the jump. 

In the Adria Petty- and Alan Bibby-directed clip, Rihanna and Coldplay get their samurai on as they learn to fight with crazy-long swords and practice aerial moves a la "The Matrix." There's also that part where Rihanna has the longest nails ever -- very important to the plot, we're sure. Stuff really gets cookin' when Ri and Chris Martin get their heavy flirt on in the middle of the desert. With their heads pressed up against each other, the two stare longingly into each other's eyes, and we're left to wonder whether or not they will resolve their issues/if Gwyneth Paltrow actually let Chris Martin back into bed once she saw the finished version of "Princess Of China." Also, is this a pan-Asian salute -- we see Thai dancing nails, Japanese taiko drumming and, I guess, Japanese ninajs, and visual references to Vishnu. Oh, and Rihanna's a geisha. As our lovely friend Mary H.K. Choi of MTV Style put it when Rihanna first tweeted out those geisha photos of herself from the set, "It's such a pupu platter of Asian hodgepodgery at the worst fusion restaurant ever... It's soooooooo colonial Europe in a way that is NOT fresh." Couldn't have said it better ourselves. Asians and/or Asian Studies majors and experts, weigh in!

Watch Coldplay's Rihanna-assisted "Princess Of China" video

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